Chiropractic Testimonials

“During the Fall of 2003, my son 3-year-old son Ryan was having reoccurring ear infections and developed asthma so bad, we constantly had to administer nebulizer treatments almost 4 times a day for months with numerous doctor appointments as well. After several months with no change, we decided to reach out to Dr. Theodore. My son saw Dr. Theodore for about 6 weeks, and we began to see Ryan cough less and his ear infections began to improve. I am happy to say since October 2004; Ryan has had only (1) ear infection and his nebulizer treatments have decreased significantly! I can not thank Dr. Theodore enough! Not only is the entire staff welcoming, but my son is always excited to go to the Chiropractor. Dr. Theodore has helped my son have a normal childhood.”

- Moira

“My story began while working at a local school in Darnestown back in 2007. I was doing a lot of work that included moving five large oak picnic benches. As a result of this my back pain was so intense that I could not stand erect, only in a very bent over position. A trip to the bathroom at 2 AM was a true nightmare! That morning I called my family doctor, who referred me to Dr. Theodore and said, “he is the best in the business.” Living alone and with a large home property to manage, I find that my visits to Dr. Theodore are a vital necessity to my well being and comfort. A schedule of maintenance appointments has helped me keep a normal posture as is possible. There is no way to predict the onset of back pain, but when the pain begins, a visit means relief is eminent. Thank you Dr. Theodore!”

- Josephine

“I had lower back pain for more than 10 years. I was making a brick patio in my backyard and I hurt the right lower side of my back. I went to a doctor’s office and they prescribed me pills for pain. I never got better, and I was living with the pain for years. Then I went to the chiropractor to see Dr. Theodore and my life changed! I started going 3 days a week. After the first adjustment, I felt better. Every time I went to see Dr. Theodore, I could feel and see myself getting better. Chiropractic care saved my life.”

- Ralph

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank Dr. Theodore for “fixing” my back. Over the last month in his care, my back pain has become almost obsolete. At first, I was a skeptic of Chiropractic care, but now I am a firm believer! I used to suffer from back pain constantly, but now, I am no longer in pain. Thank you again for helping to rid me of my back and neck for good.”

- Alison

“At long last, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Theodore and I have recommended your services t my friends and colleagues. Over the past 35 years, I have been treated by at least two dozen or more chiropractors. Dr. Theodore is the very best chiropractor who has ever treated me. From the very first visit, I recognized that he brings ingredients for healing that no one else ever has – first, a very caring and friendly aura; second, in depth knowledge of the nervous system and the ability to explain why one is having pain that day. I travel 60 miles round trip from Alexandria, VA – bypassing many dozens of chiropractors in order to receive the best treatment in the area. Thank you Dr. Theodore for being there for me and your patients.”

- Chuck

“In July 2000, I injured my wrist – when my golf swing broke down on impact with the ball, so did my wrist. The resultant wrist pain escalated to soreness in my hand and ring finger off the golf course. The soreness worsened to stiffness, which culminated in trigger finger (or tenosynovitis). By August, I was wearing a finger splint every night or my ring finger would lock down as I slept. I would awaken in the middle of the night in excruciating pain and would have to pry my finger upright. I saw another Chiropractor and began to experience slight improvement, but nevertheless, the pain returned. By April of 2001, I was resigned to resorting to the conventional treatment of trigger finger – cortisone shots and, inevitably, surgery. I ended up going to see Dr. Theodore as a last resort in late April and the first time he adjusted it, I was able to sleep through the night without a finger splint! Dr. Theodore continued to adjust my wrist for just less than 3 months and by mid-July, the trigger finger was gone! No more splints. No more locking. No more trigger finger … and NO SURGERY! Thank you Dr. T!

- Susan

“Last summer I had mysterious headaches from bench presses at the gym and was given all sorts or wrong reasons for them. Shortly thereafter, I was referred to Dr. Theodore from neighbors. Dr. Theodore quickly identified my problem and provided treatment that cured my headaches. In addition, Dr. Theodore recognized ailments in my joints that are now emerging health problems, for which I am very grateful to him. I thank Dr. Theodore for identifying and treating my ‘whole being’ so that I will not have to suffer unnecessary pain and function more efficiently in the future. I have passed Dr. Theodore’s name on to acquaintances in the area, who have had similar problems. I also want to mention every member of his staff is so friendly and the service oriented that makes going to the Chiropractor a pleasant social event!”

- Katherine


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